Our advantage:

ASG is a joint venture between two world leading companies which are pioneers in their respective fields:

SAES Getters supply and manufacture SMA trained wires, springs and components and

Alfmeier Präzision SE develop and mass-produces SMA actuators for more than nine years.

Their combined experience makes ASG unique and the added value stream within our joint venture is hardly beatable. ASG are also able to tap into subsidiaries of the Alfmeier Group such as Alfmeier Präzision SE which amongst other products produce high-precision plastic molds which are fused together with fluidic technology and mechatronic and electronic features.

The depth of added value is unique to our company because we use raw materials such as nickel and titanium to then produce the whole product from start to finish.

The mission:

Increase the worldwide market and technology leadership in shape memory alloys (SMA) actuators by serving the needs of the industrial market, leveraging the integrated internal value chain.

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