Actuator Solutions GmbH recognizes that environmental responsibility is integral to producing world class products. In manufacturing operations, adverse effects on the community, environment and natural resources are minimized while safeguarding the health and safety of the public.

The environmental standards:

Pollution Prevention and Resource Reduction
The use of resources and generation of waste of all types, including water and energy, is reduced or eliminated at the source or by practices.

Wastewater and Solid Waste
A systematic approach to identify, manage, reduce, and responsibly dispose of or recycle solid waste, wastewater is in place.

Materials Restrictions
All applicable laws, regulations and customer requirements regarding prohibition or restriction of specific substances in products and manufacturing, including labeling for recycling and disposal are applied.

Hazardous Substances
Chemicals and other materials posing a hazard if released to the environment are identified and managed to ensure their safe handling, movement, storage, use, recycling or reuse and disposal.

Air Emissions
Air emissions are managed according to the local laws and reduced as possible.

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