Worldwide slimmest actuator to switch optical filters into the optical path.

Engineering samples for 8.5mm * 8.5mm front camera available.



Technical characteristics
Dimension (X, Y, Z)(¹) 9.5 mm x 8.5 mm x 4.85mm(¹)
Filter diameter 2.86 mm
Optical Thickness from lens position 0.5mm
Physical Thickness (without pin and plastic frame) 0.95mm
Thickness including terminal 4.85mm
Filter thickness 0.21 mm
Aperture diameter φ2.6 mm
Actuator weight ≤ 1g
DC resistance of SMA wire <40Ω
Power consumption <60mA@2.8V
Switching time <200ms
Operation temperature -20oC~60oC
Performance temperature -10oC~50oC
Storage environment -40oC~85oC, 10~90%RH
Life cycle 300,000 times

(¹) Detailed dimension please see the drawing in section 3; Z height of the switch is 0.95 mm corresponding to VCM area.

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