3/3 Module AS8P

SMA driven valve module
# Modular design
# Proportional control
# Noiseless
# Low power
# No EMC
# Very light
# Pressure sensor feedback

Product Information

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The AS8P is the smallest valve module to be assembled to a valve bloc. Driven
by SMA it offers lowest package / weight and noise in its class. The valve can be
control in a bistable operation or as a proportional valve. The valve module can
be controlled either by PWM or current sink.

Product Details

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Voltage: 9 – 16 V
Temperature: -40°C – 80° C
Pressure: 0 – 1,2 bar
Flow: < 30 l/min
Leakage: < 5hPa (25ccm) / min
Full open/close: < 120ms

Size / Dimensions

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Length: 89mm (with nozzle)
Width: 13mm
Height: 19.8mm
Weight: 9g