Scopes of Application


  • Micro optics 
  • AR / ADAS actuators
  • Micro pneumatics
  • Latches
  • Morphing surfaces

Scopes of Application


  • Micro optic actuation
  • Micro fluidic control
  • Endoscope applications
  • Implant applications 

Scopes of Application

Consumer electronics 

  • Micro optic actuation
  • Gas and fluidic control
  • Micro mechanics 


 In today’s world manufacturers of miniature cameras and valves call for parts that are minuscule, light weight and completely silent. They also demand electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), low power usage and the least ecological footprint  - making SMA technology the perfect fit. 

Pneumatics and Fluidics

SMA actuators are a perfect fit for valves because the micron thin SMA wire allows for numerous valve form factors enabling various options for attachment.

In addition, the sensorless proportional control is the most suitable option for every valve supplier.


ASG not only manufactures SMA actuators for miniature camera autofocuses and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) systems but also offers additional SMA-driven applications in the field of Micro-optics.

Analytics and Micro-Fluidics

ASG develops and manufactures SMA actuators for medical applications with analytical and microfluidic purposes, e.g. for cell monitoring, sequencing or POC devices. 

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